How To Dry Cannabis Plants properly

Drying Weed: 4 Tips To Properly Dry Your Cannabis

Buds cured in very wet conditions look different, smell different, and produce different effects, but maybe harsher. Another real-life example of curing buds in anaerobic conditions is some outdoor growers will throw newly harvested cannabis buds in a pile while wet, leaves and all, and allow it to sort of cook in a place like a compost pile.

This is considered a type of “brick weed.”Example of “brick weed” cured in anaerobic (wet) conditions, Any curing process that involves letting buds stay wet and sealed up at the beginning produces weed with a different consistency and different effects. Buds become crumbly and they lose their green color after just a week or two, becoming more tan or golden.

That being said, curing buds while still wet can be unsafe by causing unwanted mold or a bad type of bacteria to grow. If you cure buds while they’re dry on the outside and moist on the inside, as stated in this tutorial, you can achieve the same mental and physical effects of anaerobic-cured weed without the harshness, simply by giving buds a little more time to cure.

How To Dry And Cure Cannabis Plants – Leafly

This is the perfect amount of moisture and dry to get the fastest and best curing process. To be able to get a reading on your current humidity levels (so you can make sure they’re perfect every time), you may want to invest in a tool called a hygrometer. I like the Caliber IV hygrometer, which is small enough to fit in your curing jars and can be found online for cheap.

As you can see in this pic, the Caliber IV hygrometers display both the temperature and the relative humidity in each curing jar. (click for a closer look)Use a hygrometer for pro-cannabis curing results, as it will allow you to determine exactly where you are in the curing process and spot possible humidity problems before they affect your buds.

How To Dry Weed

While the jars are open, check on buds to determine the current humidity levels. You may also take this time to shake the jars and move buds around, to ensure there are no moist spots, and buds aren’t sticking together in clumps. This is what you’re checking for every time you open your jars.

How To Dry And Cure Cannabis Plants – Leafly

Moist buds should not be touching each other! It is very important you react quickly if buds feel damp to the touch, as this is the most likely time for mold to grow.> 70% humidity – When buds are too wet, your hygrometer will read greater than 70% relative humidity after buds are in jars with a hygrometer for 24 hours.

If you see the humidity rising on your hygrometer at a rate of 1% per hour or more, you may want to open the jars early, or at least keep a close eye, as your buds are probably too moist. – If you shake the jar at this point, you may notice that some of your buds are still sticking together.

If you live in a normal to dry climate, you may be able to get away with just leaving the top off the jars for 1-4 hours. If you live in a humid climate, you may have to take the buds out of the jars and lay them out until the outsides begin to feel dry again.

How To Dry And Cure Cannabis Plants

(More on Boveda 62 packs below) – Buds feel brittle and crumbly. At this point, there is not enough moisture in the jars for the curing process to continue at a normal pace, and buds tend to cure much more slowly.< 55% humidity – When buds are too dry to continue curing, your hygrometer will read less than 55% relative humidity, even after buds are in jars with a hygrometer for 24 hours.

In fact, even if you completely overdry your buds, they will still benefit from the curing process! For the first 1-2 weeks, no matter what readings you get, you should continue checking your buds and opening all the jars once a day. Even if buds are too dry, it’s important to air out the buds quickly once a day for this first stage, as they need air to continue the curing process.

For those who struggle with curing even after going through all the steps in this curing tutorial, there’s a product known as a “Boveda 62” humidipaks which can help maintain the correct humidity in your jars. These are especially helpful at preventing the humidity from getting too low, even if the humidity is very low where you live.

The Fastest Way To Dry Weed – A Pot For Pot

Humidipaks are used to regulate the humidity automatically. They were invented to keep cigars fresh in humidors (which is how they originally got their name), but the company now makes humidipaks that are (as stated on their website). These are the Boveda Medium 62% Humidipaks. Note: Boveda is trying to move away from the term “humidipak” these days for some reason, but it’s such a perfect name! Here’s a picture of buds stored with a humidipak.

Even when using Humidipaks, it’s important that you follow the rest of the steps outlined in this tutorial to ensure that your cure goes great. No. If you follow all the steps outlined in this article, you likely will not need Humidipaks. Most growers are able to cure their buds perfectly well without them.

They can also be helpful if you’re not used to curing and are afraid of messing it up. Humidipaks also work very well for long-term storage. When we used them, they didn’t seem to lower the humidity when it was too high in our curing jars, but they did protect buds from drying out.

Dry Weed In A Few Easy Steps – Weedmaps

If you feel like you’ve overdried your buds, don’t panic! Sometimes it feels like buds are too dry even when there is still moisture inside. It’s a good idea to leave buds in jars for at least 2-3 days to see if moisture starts coming to the surface from inside.

Buds will continue to improve from curing for up to 6 months. After 6 months, further curing will not continue to have much effect. At this point, you want to prepare the buds for long-term storage to maintain their potency for as long as possible. For long-term storage (months), buds should be kept in air-tight containers (the wide-mouthed mason jars they’ve been curing in are perfect) and placed in a cool, dark environment.

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