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Green Crack is a potent sativa strain known for its energizing effects. But don’t let the name fool you: this is pure cannabis.



All About Green Crack Cannabis Strain

Green Crack is a Sativa-dominant 60/40 hybrid strain, which is also known as Green Cush. This cannabis originates from Athens in Georgia and firstly appeared in the 70’. Its lineage represents a cross between Skunk#1 and Sweet Leaf Indica. Green Cush partly owes its fame to Snoop Dogg, who was the first to name it Green Crack, but the strain itself also has properties to be appreciated.

The plant usually contents an average THC level that ranges between 21%-24% with a negligible amount of CBD. It is a pretty potent weed, which implements everything that one expects from Sativa. Due to its effects, it is not the wisest choice for newbies to start with, and even seasoned smokers shouldn’t take it lightly. According to the reviewers, it is a perfect strain to start the morning with, but definitely not for evenings.

Cooking is another option to use Green Crack, but the high becomes much more potent. People who suffer from psychological problems have to remember that edibles can even worsen their condition. On the other hand, they are great for pain alleviation.

This weed emits a fruity-citrusy aroma, with woody and earthy hints. At the same time, the taste is rather sweet and citrusy, redolent of mango.


Smoking this marijuana always starts with a mood-change, which is full of happiness, optimism, and motivation. On top of that, an energy burst and a boost of creativity are perfectly complementing previous effects. A potent cerebral high provides the correct mindset for both routine and creative activity.

When talking about medical and recreational use, this strain is very beneficial for relieving fatigue, anxiety, and depression. It is a helpful hand for people suffering from a lack of energy and tends to ease stress and social anxiety. If consumed in sensible amounts, usually, there are no side effects.


Green Crack seeds are available for purchase on the Internet. The growing process is not very difficult, and even novices can handle it. But the plant demands a sunny Mediterranean climate with low humidity and a temperature between 72-80 degrees Fahrenheit. Also, it’s necessary to remember about its weakness to mildew and regularly trim broad leaves on the top to let the lower stems get more sunlight. It can be grown indoors and outdoors. When raised outside, the amount of yield is slightly larger. On the other hand, if grown indoors, it is easier to regulate the temperature, but it also requires proper humidity control. The flowering cycle longs about 7-9 weeks and the best time to harvest outdoor plants is in late September or early October.

Although it’s called Green Crack, there is nothing manmade about this natural and green bud. It will, however, leave you wanting more and more once you get a glimpse of the energetic and upbeat high it has to offer. This strain won’t send you crashing, and has a nice comedown too. That being said, Green Crack is perfect for morning or daytime use when you need a little boost to get you through the day.

With its explicit name said to have been dubbed by rapper Snoop Dogg himself, Green Crack has no association with other narcotics, just all-natural reefer.

Even though Green Crack weed is stimulating and exhilarating, it never leaves you feeling jittery or overly energized. An especially amazing daytime strain for those who need a little extra to get them through their long day, or an after-work pick-me-up. Here’s all you need to know.

What Is Green Crack?

There are two main varieties of Green Crack that seem to be circulating in the medical marijuana and recreational cannabis markets. The most commonly consumed version is the sativa form of Green Crack, which is the option notoriously known for energizing and giving a battery-like power up to whoever tries it. The second version of the strain, which seems to be less popular, is a 75% indica variety of Green Crack. It typically has a tighter bud structure, which can assist your ability to separate it from the other selection.

Don’t be too concerned about getting your hands on the wrong variation, all dispensaries should know exactly where their reefer is originating from and the strain and variety that is dominant. Plus, the majority of dispensaries and recreational pot shops are serving the sativa variation of Green Crack, because this is the option substantially more in demand.

The majority of dispensaries and recreational pot shops are serving the sativa variation of Green Crack.

The strain variety we will be covering in this Green Crack review is classified as a sativa with the parental lineage believed to have originated from an inbreeding of the hybrid strain Skunk No. 1. It contains a THC level of around 15-20%, which is considered slightly above average when compared with most cannabis strains, but it isn’t anything out of the ordinary either.

Thankfully, Green Crack doesn’t need a massive THC content to get you going and to leave an impact. Rather, its effects will last you just long enough, but won’t impact you so strongly that you become utterly dysfunctional. Instead, expect to go on through the day just as you normally would, with all the added energy and possible introspection of course.

Green Crack Aroma, Flavor, Appearance

Green Crack immediately hits you with an aroma that is citrusy and fruity, yet blended together with a flawless nuance of earthy, woodsy, and hearty. Its flavor is sweet, with some phenotypes expressing a stronger fruit or citrus taste than others, transporting you directly into the moment of biting straight into a juicy, ripe mango. Expect to feel a tang left on your tongue long after that first smoke is gone, leaving your palate satisfied, but wanting more.

green crack strain

Appearance-wise, Green Crack weed has greenish, yellow buds, with crops grown in colder conditions expressing hints of purple throughout. The pistils are a rusty red or orange color, reaching out from in between the ultra-sticky and glistening buds that remind its consumer of diamond rings in a display window, (yes, they really do sparkle this much). Overall, the Green Crack strain is absolutely delectable in aroma and flavor, in addition to mesmerizing all who witness its beautiful, dazzling crystals.

Green Crack Grow Info

This strain is a suitable grow for a diverse variety of experience levels, even being appropriate for novice cultivators who are longing for a one plant experiment in their closet or backyard space. It is fairly easy to grow, but other strains may be more worth it if you are craving something with an even bigger THC content that’ll hit you harder.

Green Crack is suitable for growing either indoors or outdoors. If grown outdoors, this strain thrives best in a Mediterranean climate, with balmy and extremely sunny conditions, although with humidity in the lower levels. Growing indoors, it is important to keep humidity levels to a minimum as well. This strain is actually quite susceptible to powdery mildew, which could easily ruin an entire crop in the blink of an eye.

Green Crack Macro

The 70-80 degree (Fahrenheit) range is ideal for cultivating this crop, and it seems to thrive well in a variety of growing methods, including hydroponics and soil. You can expect for the crops to reach about 3-4 feet in height, with outdoor grown plants yielding around 20 ounces per plant, and indoor-grown plants yielding around 18 ounces per square meter.

The flowering period is around 7-9 weeks, with crops grown outdoors becoming ready for harvest in late September to early October.

THC Content – Highest Test

The average Green Crack THC content is 17%, although it could reach 20% in some samples.

CBD Content – Highest Test

Green Crack has little to no CBD, usually under 1%

Medical Benefits of Green Crack

Green Crack isn’t suitable for the treatment of extremely serious medical conditions, but it can assist those who are fatigued, depressed, anxious, stressed, or exhausted due to a medical condition or just in general.

Its strong sativa effects are great for keeping you up and getting you going, no matter what your day is looking like.

Green Crack High Strain

For those experiencing severe fatigue, consuming a higher dose of Green Crack weed is ideal, specifically in the form of an edible, concentrate, live resin, or candy. These all have greater-than-average doses with less of an effort needing to be placed into consumption.

Those who are planning on utilizing the Green Crack strain to aid mental conditions, such as depression, anxiety, stress, and more, should only consume a dose of this marijuana that they are comfortable with and that they know is within their limits.

Over consuming any strain of marijuana when handling a mental condition, can cause worse effects, such as an increase in paranoia, stress, or anxiety. Know your limits with cannabis and always consume responsibly.

Possible Side Effects of Green Crack

Overall, the most commonly reported side effect from Green Crack weed is dry mouth. This is easily manageable by making sure to drink plenty of hydrating fluids before, after, and during the consumption of this marijuana strain. Sometimes, consumers report experiencing dry eyes, paranoia, and occasional dizziness, although these circumstances are much rarer and can also be lessened simply by keeping hydrated.

Due to its heavy sativa effects, late-night tasting could cause insomnia and restlessness.

If you are feeling negative mental thoughts while undergoing the high of Green Crack, make sure to sit back, close your eyes, take a deep breath, and remember that everything you are experiencing will pass. This should help to ease your mind and slow down your breathing. It is best to not consume Green Crack late at night. Due to its heavy sativa effects, late-night tasting could cause insomnia and restlessness, making it difficult for you to fall asleep in a timely manner, which can become especially frustrating.

Final Thoughts About Green Crack

We hope you have enjoyed reading this Green Crack review and that you not only found this article to be entertaining but also educational and informative. It is vital to remember that the consumption of marijuana is the sole responsibility of the user and discretion should always be taken.

About Green Crack

Sometimes shock value can be a big asset when naming and marketing strains. Originally called “Cush”, this strain was re-dubbed “Green Crack” by none other than cannabis connoisseur Snoop Dogg after he sampled its intense sativa effects. Although some still prefer the name Cush to sidestep any unwanted cannabis stigma, the love for this fruity and earthy strain is unanimous. Green Crack’s origins are disputed — originally bred in Athens, GA in the 1970s, it is descended from the ever-popular Skunk #1, but it may also have some Afghani landrace indica in its background. It delivers a trippy and energetic high that’s perfect for daytime use. Its potency — Green Crack averages 16% THC content — ensures that you’ll feel uplifted for hours to come.

Green Crack has a classically indica bud structure, with dense buds that are more small and clustered than chunky. The leaves are pale green to yellow, although the pigments in some phenotypes can cause some leaves to be streaked with purple when plants are exposed to cold during the growing process. Rust-colored pistils stand out against the colorful flowers. The buds are also coated in milky-white trichomes, giving them a sticky texture and a glistening appearance.

This visual appeal is matched by a dynamic scent. Cured properly, the flowers have a bright citrus scent with mellow undertones of earthiness and wood. The smoke is very smooth, and leaves a tang at the top of the palate and the back of the tongue, reminiscent of mango. On the exhale, smoke tastes vaguely hashy and spicy, perhaps evidence of Afghani in its lineage.

Despite mostly indica physical characteristics, Green Crack has a strong and buzzy sativa high.  It provides users with a boost of energy that soon manifests as a cerebral mindset, making this an excellent wake and bake strain. Green Crack’s potency can make mundane like dishes and laundry tasks more interesting. It’s also an inspiring smoke — its sharp sense of focus can help users zero in on creative projects or can draw attention to the nuances in a piece of music or a movie. Green Crack can also have some slightly psychedelic effects, including visual distortions and, particularly, an odd sense of time dilation.

Because it can leave users feeling uplifted and fairly wired, this strain isn’t recommended for use late at night. Because it doesn’t have many physically relaxing indica properties, Green Crack doesn’t have a wide range of medical benefits. However, its energizing effects can be great for freeing users from fatigue. Green Crack can also aid those suffering from anxiety and depression, helping them to live in the moment — although in large enough doses, the tendency towards recursive cerebral thinking can plunge some into panic or paranoia.

Green Crack is a relatively easy strain to grow, and a good choice for newcomers to cultivation. It can flourish indoors or out, although outdoor growing requires a stable source of sunlight and consistent temperatures between 72 and 80 degrees Fahrenheit. It’s more easily grown indoors where conditions can be controlled. Plants can reach between 3 and 4 feet tall with strong lateral branching. Growers should practice “topping” when growing these plants, which involves trimming broad leaves at the top of the plant to allow light to reach the lower stalks and produce as many buds as possible.

Green Crack flowers relatively quickly for a sativa, reaching maturity between 7 and 8 weeks when grown inside and ready for harvest in October when grown outdoors. The yield is average but solid, producing about 41 to 46 grams (or about 1.4 to 1.6 ounces) per square footage of plant. Growers should also take care to properly cure the harvested buds in order to preserve Green Crack’s taste and potency — curing involves first drying the buds by hanging them upside down for about a week in a room that maintains 50% humidity and a consistent temperature of 70 degree Fahrenheit and then sealing the dried buds in wide-mouthed jars in ambient surroundings of 70 degrees Fahrenheit and between 60-65% humidity.

Despite the edginess of its name, Green Crack is more likely to make users energized and inspired than strung out and manic. Providing the best of what sativa varieties have to offer, it’s a great strain for enhancing your appreciation of your surroundings or simply as a way to help you get up and go. It’s also unique in its potency — even for more experienced cannabis fans, a little bit of this controlled substance can go a long way.



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