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Herijuana is an indica strain first cultivated in the early 2000s by Woodhorse Seeds. It’s a cross between a Petrolia Headstash mother and a Killer New Haven father.


All About Herijuana (Herojuana) Cannabis Strain

Herojuana/Herijuana is an Indica strain that is well-known for its action against migraines, stress, insomnia, and overthinking. It sends waves of relaxation that spread uniformly through the body to relax each and every cell. That is why it is suitable for late evening use after hustling the whole day.

Herijuana weed has a high THC level (24%) against negligible CBD content, making it a strong option with an earthy and spicy taste. It is an good pick for moderate to advanced users. But in the wrong doses, this strain can burn the throat, make your hands and legs feel tingly and dry up your eyes and mouth. It takes you down the lane of relaxed sleep thereafter.

This marijuana Strain was first introduced by Woodhorse seeds. The breeders picked the Petrolia Headstash of Afghani descent and paired it with Kentucky’s Killer New Haven. It is easy to plant the strain and obtain the long flowers that increase the sense of euphoria and Inner peace.


Herijuana is a powerful hybrid that is the result of crossing Petrolia Headstash (a popular Afghani landrace) with a Kentucky strain known as Killer New Haven. With its strong Indicia lineage, it’s no wonder that Herijuana has a THC average of 25%. This especially comes in handy with the muscle spasms and chronic pain for which it is widely known to help mitigate.

Different marijuana strains undergo different breeding journeys in their adventures into becoming the strains you know and love. Some strains have their origins in the original landrace strains of Afghanistan, whereas others have been tirelessly interbred, again and again, with other similar strains to create an ultimate version that perfectly represents what the grower wants.

Herijuana is one that is somehow both at the same time.

Let’s take a look at this uniquely powerful strain with an intricately intriguing growing history and figure out if it is worthwhile to track some down and try some yourself.

What is the Herijuana Cannabis Strain?

Herijuana was initially bred by Woodhorse Seeds, crafted from a combination of an Afghan Indica known as Petrolia Headstash and another hybrid with its origins in Kentucky, which is simply referred to as Killer New Haven.

However, Herijuana’s history doesn’t stop there – it was then bred for 15 generations straight, all using the same genetics in an effort to create something called an Inbred Line. This means that each and every seed that is taken from any particular Herijuana plant would grow to be an almost perfect clone of its parent. This allows for easy growing with similarities between different growers, though it does introduce a few problems in its long term evolutionary health.

This strain is famous for its absurdly high THC rating, as well as its soothing and meditative effects that help control all manner of mood disorders.

By far the most significant effect you will notice on your first puff of Herijuana is a deep, serene relaxation that sweeps over your entire body. Herijuana is an 80% indica-leaning hybrid, and its genetics definitely come to the fore once that wave of intense relaxation hits your body.

Unlike many calming indicas that wait until later to hit you with the full force of their sleep-inducing powers, Herijuana decides to hit you straight away; you will feel surprisingly exhausted, both physically and mentally, desperately seeking your bed to lie down and take stock of your life.

However, instead of passing out like many would expect when they have arrived at the sleepy stage of an indica high, you will find yourself smiling to yourself, so much so that your face might hurt.

Instead of being able to sleep, you will experience wave after wave of tingly sensations all across your body, as well as experiencing a happier outlook on life.

Your tiredness will probably begin to fade, being replaced with an intently focused mental energy that will leave you itching to complete some kind of mental challenge.

This focus isn’t enough to get you out of bed, so it is perfect for doing mental tasks on your laptop – many people take Herijuana to help inspire creativity for writing or art projects; anything in general that can be completed when lying down.

Once you have enjoyed this nearly endless sea of tingly waves that accompany your happiness, you can expect to feel that familiar feeling of tiredness hit you once again.

However, instead of an inability to fall asleep like before, you will instead find yourself perfectly well suited to closing your eyes and falling into a deep, restful sleep.

Of course, it isn’t just the powerful effects of Herijuana that keep it such a popular strain – it is also its strangely distinct flavor profile that keeps people coming back.

Herijuana Aroma, Flavor and Appearance


Herijuana’s initial aroma is quite like what you would expect an 80% indica to possess, especially one with Herijuana’s genetics: it is subtly spicy, yet extremely earthy, like a nutrient-rich clod of untouched soil. However, there exists an undercurrent of sweetness that seems locked in the buds, as it only shows itself once you crack open the bud and inhale its true aroma.

Though this is a fairly typical list of different aromas for an indica hybrid, there is something so unique about it that is difficult to put your finger on. It has a depth to it that seems impossible with such a simple profile – it is vaguely Indian in its complete aroma, like the rich earth of a remote Indian village, home-cooked meals simmering away in the distance.

This oddly specific aroma profile continues on to its flavor, as well.


Once you take your first puff of this oddly tropical and uniquely earthy strain, the full flavor of its landrace history will overwhelm your tongue.

All at once, you will taste its intense spiciness, while at the same time enjoying a strange woodiness that is somehow both pine-like and oaky.

Once again, this flavor profile is quite similar to many other indica hybrids, but it has a unique quality to it that is hard to describe.

The flavor profile of Herijuana might seem familiar, but its unique profile makes it worth it for its flavor alone.


Herijuana has a strangely mottled and furry appearance, rather like a green ball of lint recently dropped on the ground. While this does sound pretty terrible at first, there is a surprising amount of color hidden beneath the furriness, varying between forest green and a mottled yellow, which is caused by the copious quantity of deeply yellow hairs.

Though Herijuana’s appearance is quite standard for an Indica of its genetics, its sheer quantity of hair and trichomes is an excellent indication of the eventually quality of the smoke.

Of course, when you buy Herijuana from a supplier, you often don’t get to appreciate the full intensity of its hairiness due to it being damaged in transit, or improperly stored. The only real way to see it for yourself is to grow some yourself and dry it properly.

Herijuana Cannabis Strain Grow Info

As a result of its rather in-depth breeding history, filled with countless interbreeding with its own genetics and careful management of its growth, Herijuana can be a bit temperamental when trying to grow it for yourself.

Many growers recommend keeping Herijuana indoors as, despite its decent resistance to temperature changes and other problems that outdoor growing can suffer from, it is still essential to keep a close eye on it. Part of this is due to its considerable height – you can expect up to three meters of growth, which puts this plant at substantial risk from toppling over, or just generally overshadowing itself.

To help deal with this, combine a pruning method known as ‘topping,’ wherein you snip off the top part of the growth to encourage more sideways growth, with tying the continuously growing plant to a trellis.

This trellis setup will provide stability to the growing plant, allowing you to make sure it doesn’t topple over itself or damage the under branches due to its sheer weight.

If you can keep it growing in the right direction, you can expect it to begin flowering after about eight weeks.

Another method that is useful if you have the resources is to grow it using the Sea of Green method to encourage earlier flowering and a higher yield, though it will require many smaller plants, rather than one large Herijuana plant on its own.

Once you have got your Herijuana harvested, get started with the drying process, but be very, very gentle, as the delicate pistils have a habit of falling off if they mishandled.

Once it is all dried and stored, what kind of THC content can you expect from your Herijuana?

Herijuana THC Content – Highest Test

The THC content of Herijuana is famous for being spectacularly high. However, exactly how high it can reach is not entirely clear, despite the fact that pretty much every single Herijuana is a clone of one another.

The general level of THC you can expect is thought to be around 25%, making it one of the most potent strains available on the marijuana market. However, some users have reported upwards of 30% THC content through careful testing of their samples, so it is possible that, if you look after your Herijuana exceptionally well, then you might be able to test your own samples and discover whether or not you possess possibly the strongest marijuana in the world!

Of course, with a high THC level must, by necessity, come a rather low CBD content.

Herijuana CBD Content – Highest Test

As can be expected from a high THC strain, there is typically going to be next to no CBD content within any particular sample of Herijuana. You can roughly expect to find about 0.10% CBD content, which means that there isn’t really any point to using Herijuana if you are looking for any extended medicinal effects from CBD.

Of course, just because there is basically no CBD content doesn’t mean that there aren’t any medicinal benefits of Herijuana.

Medical Benefits of Herijuana Cannabis Strain

Herijuana is a strain with an intensely high THC content, which makes it perfect for treating conditions that can only be treated adequately with higher levels of THC.

One such condition is anxiety, which is why Herijuana is one of the most popular strains used to help treat anxiety and making an anxious person’s life more livable.

Additionally, the high THC content is perfect at helping to treat many other mental disorders or low mood, especially chronic depression. This makes it a lot easier for those with depression to face their days and just generally diminish the pain.

However, it isn’t just mental pain that Herijuana can treat – severe, chronic physical pain is able to be modulated using high THC concentrations, as well as muscle spasms and general body irritations.

Finally, thanks to the eventual soporific effect that hits you at the end of the high, Herijuana is excellent for helping those struggling with Insomnia to fall asleep eventually.

Many marijuana strains with an Indica leaning and a high THC concentration are used to help treat general mental issues, but Herijuana is unique in its massive THC content, as well as its gently calming, yet intensely euphoric high.

Of course, as with basically everything that you put into your body, there are going to be a few adverse side effects.

Possible Side Effects of Herijuana Cannabis Strain

As can be predicted with pretty much every strain with a decent THC content, Herijuana will most likely cause you to suffer from dry mouth and dry eyes, so keep some hydration on hand to help combat it.

Besides that, there is the chance of developing some mild dizziness, primarily due to the suddenness of its intensity. This is mainly a problem if you take too much Herijuana at once, so make sure that you only toke your Herijuana a bit at a time to make you don’t overindulge.

Additionally, some users report a burgeoning sense of paranoia, once again as a result of smoking too much at once.

As long as you only smoke as much as you need to feel its effects and make sure you don’t take too much at once, then you will probably be fine.

Final Thoughts on Herijuana Cannabis Strain

Herijuana is an excellent example of what can happen when you spend countless generations and a very long time trying to perfect a particular strain.

By crossbreeding again and again, then interbreeding further with its own genetics, you end up with a strain that, while it does suffer from some mild growing complications, also possesses an astronomical quantity of THC that carries with it extremely powerful effects.

With a continuous happiness that is combined with a mellow relaxation, all with an undercurrent of intense mental focus, the high of Herijuana is not for the faint of heart, as it can take hold quite quickly and leave you surprised at its intensity. Try not to give any Herijuana to a first-time marijuana user, as the sheer quantity of THC might overwhelm them.

Instead, use Herijuana as an experienced marijuana user and enjoy its relaxing and, after a while, soporific effects, either to help you fall asleep or just to chill after a long day at work.

The flavor, aroma, and appearance of this strain might be pretty regular when compared to other high strength indica hybrids, but Herijuana just has something unique about it that is almost impossible to pinpoint.

If you are looking for a truly unique, potent strain to knock you off your feet and into bed, then look no further than Herijuana.


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