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Juicy Fruit strain Details: Juicy Fruit is a hybrid marijuana strain made by crossing Afghani with Thai.



Juicy Fruit strain: What’s That?

Juicy Fruit is a weed that stands up to its name providing you the juiciest experience a weed could give. This is a hybrid strain that combines the features of Indica and Sativa but is more inclined towards Sativa’s end because it produces an energizing effect that keeps you up and gives you the strength to keep up with your daily duties. Juicy Fruit cannabis strain is not too potent so it does not overwhelm you and keeps you right where you want to be — high, energized, and in control. It does not make you go completely wild, it just elevated your mood, gives you that drive you might lack sometimes, and unveils your creative potential. Basically, it is a perfect mid-day weed, so let us take a closer look at Juicy Fruit strain. Hop on and enjoy this light-headed Juicy Fruit strain review with us.

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What’s The History Of Juicy Fruit Strain?

The history of Juicy Fruit OG strain begins in Amsterdam, where the Sensi Seeds Bank Company has been experimenting with different strains of weed from all around the globe. These Dutch guys know their weed and they surely know how to cultivate some of the best hybrid strains on the market. So they came up with this beautiful plant, large-leafed, tall, thick-stemmed, and big-budded beauty of a tree. This was a masterpiece, the pinnacle of cultivar art, and one of the funkiest strains ever created. But what makes Juicy Fruit strain seeds so special? Well, the answer to that question lies in the genetics of that weed.

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Juicy Fruit Strain Lineage

So, what strain is Juicy Fruit? Is it Indica or Sativa? Juicy Fruit strain genetics is a stuff of legend, let me tell you, just look at that crazy genealogy! On one hand, we have Afghani Indica and the Thai Sativa on the other hand! That’s insane, man! All of the best effects of the world’s best strains — sedative effects of Indica from Afghanistan and the crazy rush of Thai Sativa. A perfect storm of weed in a single beautiful tree, and if you are up for some refreshing experience, this weed is the best choice for you. If you are an experienced smoker, this weed is totally recommended for you to try since it truly is a unique strain that gives that awesome wake and bake feeling you just cannot miss.

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The combination of Thai Sativa and Aghani Indica gives you a moderately potent strain and you cannot really tell whether Juicy Fruit strain Indica or Sativa, it’s both! It gives you this head-lightness but also keeps your body refreshed and does not put you to sleep. This is a great combination for when you need some energy, ideas, and productivity.

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Is It Appropriate For Medical Use?

Yes, it is good for medical use, especially when battling such conditions as stress disorders, constant fatigue, paranoia, attention deficiency. Considering the energizing effect of this weed, you can expect a boost of productivity, the unveiling of your creative potential, and the improvement of your mood in general.

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Keep in mind, this weed is not an effective pain killer, neither it is a calming weed, so if you seek to address such conditions as a compulsive disorder, obsessive ideas, and other similar conditions, Juicy Fruit might not be for you. We give you this Juicy Fruit marijuana strain review so you know exactly what to expect and we certainly don’t want you to have any negative experiences.

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What Are Possible Effects?

As said, this strain produces an uplifting and energizing effect. Here is a brief list of positive and negative effects you might expect after smoking on that pot.

Positive Negative
Boost of Creativity Possible Obsessive Thoughts
Uplifting Dry Mouth
Euphoria Dry Eyes
Improved Appetite
Boost of Energy

As you see, users have been admitting to having such a negative effect as obsessive thoughts or ideas. Ok, if you are an experienced smoker, you surely know how to wave them off and stay focused on having a good experience. This requires some degree of control over your trip, which is uncommon for the new users. So, I’d say it is best that you approach this weed with at least some degree of awareness or in a company of good friends in a safe space where you’d feel secure and confident. That way you eliminate any possibility of having a negative experience. Pack something to drink and snack on, relax, and have a good time. With this Juicy Fruit strain information, I bet you are going to have a positive experience, so grab some friends and smoke on that sweet tree!

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What Are The Reasons To Smoke It?

The most obvious reason is to have some fun with friends or on your own, lit up that party by bringing in that Juicy Fruit strain dab, or look for some ideas and inspiration. Considering how good this weed is in unveiling the creative potential of the smoker, you might want to try smoking it while working on some project you’ve been stuck with for some time because it may actually bring some new ideas in. This is a perfect part-weed too since it makes you and your friends all light-headed, somewhat relaxed and energized all at once, and just sets up a mood for a good conversation. There are many reasons to smoke recreational weed and even more reasons to smoke it as a natural remedy for some mental and physical conditions.

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The plant itself looks spectacular, it is really a unique tree you’ll recognize from miles away. It’s not tall, somewhere around 50 inches, but it’s leaves are purple. It is a bushy purple tree with green and juicy buds. The buds look kinda normal though — green, orange strings around the sides, fluffy, and smelly — nothing too crazy here. So, if you see a bushy purple tree with green big buds, you know you are looking at the Juicy Fruit tree.

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Smell and aroma

Almost no other hybrid strain smells like Juicy Fruit does — the combination of pine aroma and classic herbal notes make this weed a truly unique specimen. A slight peppery background ads this extra kick to the palette and created a combination of really distinctive smells. Whenever you sense that aroma, you can be sure — yeah, someone is smoking weed out there, and you can’t help but want to join them.

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The flavor of the weed always depends on how you smoke it and which device you use. This must be clear that using a pipe, especially metal one, gives you a bitter, irritating, and really unpleasant smoke that tastes awful. Yes, it gets you to where you want to be, but the smoking itself becomes far from pleasant of an experience. If you are into fancier stuff, go for a big old bong or a vaporizer — this will give you a much softer smoke you’ll be able to actually enjoy without coughing your throat off.

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Is Juicy Fruit popular?

Yes, it is a rather popular strain, especially in its birthplace — Amsterdam. You can find the Juicy Fruit weed in almost any coffee shop in the city, so you can tell it is one of the most popular legal strains of weed in Europe. It is popular in the US and in Canada as well, so you can find this weed all around the world, in places where it’s legal, and enjoy smoking it.

How Do I Grow It?

Well, people grow this stuff at home all the time, it is resilient to pests and diseases, and it flowers fast. Juicy Fruit strain THC level is not crazy high — somewhere between 15% to 17%, which makes it a relatively strong but not too potent of a weed. It grows well in the hydroponics station as well as on the soil. Go for it, it is easy to grow, buy some fertilizers and ho ahead!

Where Can I Find It?

As said, if you live in the Netherlands, you can find this literally anywhere. If you live somewhere in Canada or the US, you can also find this weed in the dispensaries nearby or just go to the online store and buy it from there. These guys will deliver your stuff to your doorstep, which is amazing. Here are just a few of the places where you can buy your weed.

  • Cannacare Express
  • Breeze Deliveries
  • Green Giant Medicinals

So, now you are no longer bothered by the question of Juicy Fruit strain where available but here comes the question of Juicy Fruit strain price. It is not an expensive weed, so you can find the price ranging somewhere between 15$ and 25$ per ounce. This is a relatively low price, especially for the weed of such outstanding quality.

Can I Cook With Juicy Fruit?

Yes, you can cook with it because of the Juicy Fruit THC level that is pretty high. Not too high, of course, but enough for making some quality cookies that will keep you high for a couple of hours delivering you overall pleasant experience. Use somewhere between 4 to 6 grams of buds per 12 servings of brownies, this would be an optimal dosage. Go to YouTube to find some recipes on how to cook those sweet weed brownies or cookies or whatnot. There are tons of recipes out there so you just need to choose one that suits you best.

What Are The Similar Strains?

The closest one to the Juicy Fruit would be its Parent Thai Sativa. This one has a similar THC content and a similar set of effects over the consumer. That’s where you say like father like son, or mother and daughter, however you want to put it. These two strains are similar, but Thai is considered more potent than Juicy Fruit.

What Do We Have?

We have a funky, moderately potent, energizing weed that is perfect for a party with some good friends. Juicy Fruit might be regarded as a weed for the experienced smoker but if you feel confident and truly know your weed, this is the right choice for you. It may give you an entirely new experience, a new look at what weed is and how beneficial it might be to the user. This is a good way to bring new colors to your weed journey.


The Juicy Fruit cannabis strain is as tasty as it sounds! It packs a serious flavor punch with notes of ripe strawberry, decadent summer berries, candy bubblegum and tangy sour citrus. While fans adore this strain’s flavor, they also enjoy its striking, colorful appearance and ability to energize, soothe and mitigate pain.

The invigorating Juicy Fruit marijuana strain tastes precisely as one might expect given its inviting, tantalizing name. It’s a phenotype made famous for being the closest thing you can get to smoking a stick of bubblegum, as it’s well known for a full fruit flavor and intense coloration.

Juicy Fruit is also a strain known for providing a mood boost, and it could well be worth trying if you need a pick me up but don’t want to rely on side-effect ridden pharmaceutical medicine. Users claim that the strain is guaranteed to put a smile on your face, as the sativa-heavy hybrid has been used across the world to help treat a myriad of conditions.

Of course, it has primarily been enjoyed as a relaxant, offering the user a wonderfully mellow and calm experience with virtually every high. Let’s take a closer look at the Juicy Fruit marijuana strain, its effects, its flavors, and whether or not you can try your hand at growing some yourself.

What is the Juicy Fruit Cannabis Strain?

Also known as Fruity Juice (possibly in the hopes that the Wrigley’s weren’t paying too much attention?), Juicy Fruit marijuana is a slightly sativa-dominant (55%) hybrid, with some varieties boasting a massive 26% THC content! This is a strain heralded as a great option for those who need an energy boost when out socializing — in fact, most would agree it’s one of the best possible options for this particular use!

Most will agree that Juicy Fruit weed was first developed by Sensi Seeds, and while you can enjoy a slightly less potent form of the strain with 16% THC, the “full-strength version” has become extremely popular among recreational and medical users alike.

Genetically, Juicy Fruit cannabis is a cross of two landrace strains: Afghani indica and Golden Triangle Thai.

Those in the know understand that these two lineages are renowned for their “traditional” effects, so the psychoactivity you feel when consuming Juicy Fruit weed is not to be underestimated.

How will Juicy Fruit Effect Me?

Juicy fruit Cannabis Strain

The effects of Juicy Fruit marijuana are pretty “Sativa-ish” (did we just make up a new word?), which is somewhat atypical for a strain that is ostensibly a hybrid. You can expect the usual boost in mood and creative energy that occurs towards the beginning of the high, but then something strange will start to happen — your perception of time starts to get… a bit ‘wonky’.

For those that have experience with other psychedelic drugs, this might seem familiar – it isn’t that your world will twist and become something different, it is more than time itself will appear to sink and deviate from its intended path.

And as a bonus, many users of Juicy Fruit weed report that the intense, cerebral energy you feel encourages you to go off and complete a lot of tasks and activities that you’ve otherwise put on the back burner for a long time. Maybe you’ll paint the house, feed the dog, or perhaps you’ll finally write that classic New York Times best-selling novel you’ve been meaning to get to.

No matter what you do though, you’ll likely find yourself existing in an almost separate slice of time. When the Juicy Fruit high begins to wear off, you might discover that you’ve been bent over your project for 5 hours and you are desperately thirsty – even though it only felt like 5 minutes.

This is a typical response to a substantial quantity of Juicy Fruit weed, so if you are not after this kind of effect, a smaller dose may give you that lovely feeling of happiness and energy with not as much of a separation from the physical realities of time and space.

The ending of the high typically produces some mild relaxation effects, as well as a general body high that can be extremely effective at helping to suppress pain. As Juicy Fruit weed is a hybrid, you can expect a good mixture of the typical accompanying symptoms of both a Sativa and an Indica, but always remember that despite its 55:45 percentage, Juicy Fruit weed is generally more Sativa leaning.

Juicy Fruit Strain Review: Aroma, Flavor, and Appearance

All the actual effects of Juicy Fruit marijuana aside, many people end up trying this strain for its flavor and aroma. Like good whiskey or great coffee, many people aren’t looking to try it for its effects, but for its unique blend of flavors and its attractive outward appearance.

Users will notice that Juicy Fruit weed has large, fanning sugar leaves – it is no doubt an aesthetically-pleasing strain.

The forest-green nuggets are complemented by pistils with a peachy color, while purple background hues and a gorgeous, thick trichome coat serve to complete the stunning overall visual.

And of course, you won’t be surprised to hear that the aroma of Juicy Fruit weed actually matches its name. The fruity, citrus scent is fresh as can be – as if you’re inhaling newly-picked oranges or lemons. There are also hints of tropical pineapple, and when you fire up, the rewarding scent fills the air for a brief period of time.

Let’s take an independent look at all three of these factors (aroma, taste, and appearance) in order to get a better idea of what the Juicy Fruit weed strain is all about.


The sweet smell of Juicy Fruit cannabis has an almost chalky quality to it that isn’t at all unpleasant, however by the second whiff the aroma you will begin to pick out some especially sour notes, mixed in with some tartness that its namesake bubblegum doesn’t have.

The Juicy Fruit strain is well known for this iconic pungent aroma, so you can expect experienced passersby to offer a friendly upwards head nod in recognition – if you have ever smoked Juicy Fruit weed, you’ll recognize its smell anywhere.


In terms of taste, the best way to describe Juicy Fruit weed is ‘mouth-watering’ – just like the gum! It has a sweet berry and citrus taste, and when combined with the pineapple and sour lemon tanginess, you get a smoke that’s as refreshing as it is rewarding. The fruity aftertaste is also delicious, and it lingers quote gloriously long after you’ve taken that first beautiful rip.

Most would probably agree that the flavor of this sweet Sativa-friendly hybrid is, at first, pretty close to its aroma and indeed its namesake (i.e. the classic bubblegum). On your very first puff you can expect some pleasant sweetness, followed by a delightful blend of both citrus and berries. After this initial toke, in fact, you might think the strain is actually a piece of gum dressed up as a Marijuana nugget for a Halloween party — it’s really that comparable.

However, you will quickly change your opinion once the aftertaste kicks in. Not only will each subsequent puff taste different from the first, but you’ll notice a profound change in the flavor. Case in point, despite its complete lack of coconut qualities, Juicy Fruit weed has an almost Pina-Colada flavor to it, as well as a general symposium of tropical fruit tastes that might make you think you’ve just purchased an overpriced tropical fruit cocktail medley from a cheesy South Beach bar.

The flavor is overall extraordinarily smooth and pleasant, however, with an oddly creamy afterthought that is reminiscent of a nice tall glass of milk (or maybe we were just a little too high when we wrote this review).


Some folks might expect Juicy Fruit weed to look like a stick of bubblegum, but sadly this is not quite the case. Most pot of course is usually some kind of shade of green, but Juicy Fruit has an oddly multi-colored aspect to it – demonstrating some purple and even some pink qualities that make it seem like some kind of painted novelty item.

This multitude of colors develops once the bud reaches maturity, and comes out even stronger if allowed to dry appropriately during the curing process. The outer layer is strangely shimmering, somewhat reflective in its light color. You can expect almost to see your face on Juicy Fruit nuggets, making it kind of a shame to burn it up when the time comes to do so.

With how beautiful and enjoyable the Juicy Fruit weed strain is, it’s no wonder that it’s one of the most popular strains to grow yourself, so let’s check that out.

Juicy Fruit Marijuana: Basic Grow Info

Juicy Fruit weed is widely regarded as being one of the easiest marijuana strains to grow. Although it thrives in a warm, dry, sunny environment (such as in California), you can also grow this strain indoors and maximize its yield by utilizing the Sea of Green growing method.

Juicy Fruit is considered a ‘high’ yielder, but since it is capable of growing tall, indoor growers may need to use a low-stress training technique to keep the plants in check.

When you grow Juicy Fruit weed indoors, it should flower in 8-9 weeks and yield up to 18 ounces per square meter planted.

Assuming you live in the right climate, Juicy Fruit pot that’s grown outdoors can provide you with a whopping 21 ounces per plant. It typically flowers towards the end of the summer, and is ready for harvest in late September or early October.

In terms of what kind of plant you can expect to sprout up out of the ground, be on the lookout for pretty lanky, tall adults that grow with surprisingly broad water leaves. For this reason, it’s probably best to try and adhere the stalks of Juicy Fruit plants to a trellis, so as to ensure it can grow healthily and properly.

For pruning techniques, try and utilize adequate topping, which is a technique wherein you cut off the very tip of the plant in an effort to promote it to grow taller and encourage lateral growth. All in all, as long as you keep your Juicy Fruit weed plants in Mediterranean climates of around 72 degrees Fahrenheit, you shouldn’t really have a problem knocking out a crop!

Juicy Fruit Effects

If you are in need of a mood boost, look no further than Juicy Fruit marijuana! For an increasing number of users, Juicy Fruit weed is one of the best ways to begin their day. In fact, we have heard reports of people replacing their morning coffee with this strain. If you require a little bit of extra energy to complete any task, you might consider a few tokes of this flower as it provides you with a decent jolt. Maybe not quite as gnarly as a Red Bull, but who wants to be drinking that sugar-laden shit anyways?

Anyway, once you try Juicy Fruit weed you can expect to a euphoric head high, while still being clear-minded enough to get all of your daily tasks done. This is a strain that is known for the positive effects it has on your mood, and in some cases, your enthusiasm can even become infectious to those around you. As it is a fairly potent strain, however, Juicy Fruit weed should be used with caution if you are a complete novice.

Potential Medical Benefits of Juicy Fruit

As it has minimal CBD content to counteract the powerful high, Juicy Fruit weed is probably best used medicinally by individuals who have used cannabis before. It is becoming popular with patients suffering from mental health disorders, and is also championed by those with depression because it helps them relax while also elevating their mood.

If you have work-related stress and can handle the effects, you might consider using Juicy Fruit cannabis before work; not only will it make you feel better, but it will slowly energize you and enable you to get through yet another grueling day in the office. Furthermore, if you suffer from chronic pain, Juicy Fruit marijuana can likely be effective.

If you suffer from chronic pain, Juicy Fruit marijuana can likely be effective.

It is widely used by patients with migraines, back pain, and muscle spasms, and some patients even use it as it can potentially reduce nausea that is experienced when undergoing a variety of treatments and medication routines.

Using Juicy Fruit Weed for Mental Disorders

As a Sativa-leaning hybrid, Juicy Fruit marijuana can be a great strain to take to help with day-to-day stress. This is mostly due to the intense feeling of uplifting energy and happiness that it provides, which also allows it to be used for those who struggle with depression or any other negative mood.

Thanks to its 45% Indica content, Juicy Fruit marijuana can also cause a pretty sizable feeling of the munchies, making this a great strain to help combat loss of appetite – a side effect that commonly troubles those undergoing significant medical treatment like chemotherapy.

Of course, with medicinal benefits come some small side effects, so what kind of side effects will you be dealing with? Let’s check it out.

Possible Side Effects Associated with the Juicy Fruit Cannabis Strain

Possible Side Effects Associated with the Juicy Fruit Cannabis Strain


The most important thing to note is the potency of Juicy Fruit cannabis. With such a high level of THC involved, overconsumption may lead to anxiety and paranoia. We recommend using a small dose initially, only increasing it if you believe the first dose hasn’t been effective. As a general rule of thumb, hybrid strains usually have pretty “standard” side effects, and in the case of the Juicy Fruit strain, this is no less true.

Hybrid strains usually have pretty “standard” side effects. In the case of the Juicy Fruit strain, this is no less true.

As for minor side effects, you can expect to have dry mouth and perhaps a case of dry-eyes. Dehydration is possible but easy to combat – just drink lots of water before, during, and after a session! A small percentage of users also report mild dizziness and slight headaches, but once again, this is probably due to excessive consumption.

As long you as don’t mind some hearty munchies and dry eyes (and possibly a little bit of dizziness) Juicy Fruit weed is typically a pretty low-risk strain as far as side effects go.

Juicy Fruit Strain Review: Comparing THC and CBD Levels

Juicy Fruit’s THC content can actually vary widely across the spectrum, as its unique blend of Sativa and Indica genetics means the internal composition can switch between the different intensities you might expect with each.

At its highest levels, Juicy Fruit weed can contain up to 20% THC, with average yields usually being around 16%. This is a pretty strong THC content when compared to your average Sativa, which is roughly 13.5%. (This means that you can expect a powerful high from the Juicy Fruit strain).

In terms of cannabidiol content, Juicy Fruit weed typically checks in with roughly 0.56% CBD, which is more or less negligible. This means that the Juicy Fruit strain is not as effective at treating conditions that you would typically take CBD for, nor would it do well in limiting the psychoactivity produced by the high THC content.

If you are looking for a strain with a higher CBD content, maybe check out something like ACDCCharlotte’s Web, or Cannatonic. These phenotypes contain potent therapeutic properties while providing almost zero high whatsoever.

Final Thoughts on our Juicy Fruit Strain Review

Juicy fruit Marijuana Strain Review

For a strain seemingly named after a stick of bubblegum, Juicy Fruit weed no doubt packs a massive punch as both a practical and tasty strain. Whether you’re using it medically or recreationally – or as an everyday strain – JF can provide you with a potent high while rarely threatening to interfere with your day-to-day tasks. In fact, it will probably help you get through a long day.

As a form of therapy, Juicy Fruit marijuana can be effective for things like mood disorders and pain.

And in terms of cultivation, it is surely one of the best strains to grow if you’re a complete novice. While it enjoys warm outdoor climates, you can expect a bountiful harvest when growing indoors — just make sure you keep a close eye on the plants because they can grow exceedingly tall.

Lastly, despite its ostensibly hybrid classification Juicy Fruit cannabis seems to possess mostly Sativa effects, with its small amount of indica qualities shining through as more or less an “afterthought.”

Regardless, this is a strain that possesses a unique flavor combination that, when combined with its distinctive aroma, makes it a clear choice for those looking to try something new. Whether you are looking for a crystal clear high with plenty of creative energy, or if you just want the combination of tart berries and sugar in your mouth, the Juicy Fruit marijuana strain is one that everyone should try at least once in their lives.


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