Step by step guide – Cloning Marijuana plants

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It’s OK to use scissors here; it may be hard to get a razor in the middle of the mother plant. Then, using a razor, cut below the bottom node on the fresh cutting at a 45° angle to the branch. This will increase the surface area of the rooting surface, promoting faster growth.

Then, put it directly into a rooting cube. If using an auto-cloner, put a collar around it and place it in the auto-cloner; you’ll put rooting hormone in the cloner after all cuttings have been taken. Once done taking the cutting, remove unnecessary leaves toward the bottom and clip off the tips of the remaining fan leaves on the cutting.

Transplanting your weed clones Check your clones daily to make sure they have enough water by checking the bottom of the tray or auto-cloner. To increase humidity, you can spray water on the leaves with a spray bottle. If any clones die, discard them so they don’t cause mold in the rest of the clones and also to give the remaining clones more space.

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You’ll know they’re ready when the white roots are an inch or two in length. When getting ready to transplant, be sure to keep the environment sterile. Transplant shock can occur, so be sure to use gloves when handling clones. To transplant: Put soil in your pots first. Water the soil before transplanting so the soil doesn’t move around once the clone is in its new home.

Put the clone in and gently cover it with soil. What to look for when buying a marijuana clone If you live in a medical or adult-use state, you’ll be able to get clones from some local weed shops, but make sure it’s a reputable shop. Most of the time, these clones come from growers who focus solely on producing clones, but sometimes cuttings will come from a third-party source.

Powdery mildew (PM) is a very common disease found on clones, and mold spores can transfer to other plants. Keep an eye out for white powder on stems and leaves. It’s almost impossible to detect harmful pesticides or fungicides on a clone. Often, these applications leave zero residues and can stay on a plant for the rest of the plant’s life.

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Keep reading and learn to clone like a pro! Why you might clone The first thing to understand about cloning is the fact that you do not have to clone your marijuana plants. Marijuana plants produce seeds as a result of sexual reproduction. These seeds are a random combination of two parents’ characteristics.

When you clone, however, you remove the randomness from the equation. Clone – Image by Clones is a consistently reliable way to ensure that your plants will maintain a high quality because they share the same genetic code as their mother. Their growth habits will be the same, and they will eventually produce buds, tastes, and potency that are identical to the original plant.

Some marijuana growers have kept clone lines going for over 15 years. One mother plant can easily produce over 50 clones per week! If you have ever had a successful harvest, a strain of marijuana you particularly like, need some more seeds, or have any other reason to continue one of your plants, you need to consider cloning.

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Cloning Marijuana plants

After one successful season, it’s always a good idea to clone your marijuana plants to better the odds of a more successful harvest in the future. Clones are also a great way to produce more of the same type of marijuana without sacrificing THC. You could seed your favorite plant and grow more, but when a marijuana plant produces seeds, it naturally produces less THC.

You could also clone some plants specifically to produce seeds for future use. Want to clone a specific marijuana strain that you’ve successfully harvested? Buy seeds of the same strain in my seed store What is cloning What is cloning? Cloning is the process of producing genetically identical plants. The method is simple: take a cutting from any plant, place it into the ground and wait for it to root.

Most cloners prefer to take the bottom branches from their plants since those branches would receive less light and struggle for survival anyway. If you take between two and four of each of your plant’s bottom branches to make clones, you have at least doubled your harvest. Choosing a cannabis plant that is younger (between two and three months old) is usually best, although as long as the plant is mature, it should be able to be cloned.

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